Welcome to the Collective Wisdom Newsletter

Welcome to the Collective Wisdom Newsletter

Photo: Axel (our new CAWI rescue dog) enjoying the view from the verandah of the new house in the Byron Bay hinterland.

It’s been just over a year since The Crosbie Collective started and what a busy year it’s been. And to modify an old cliché – time really does go quickly when you are doing rewarding work (and having a bit of fun too).

So my newsletter is called Collective Wisdom; it’s all about collaboration and learnings (in the form of wisdom).

The Collective Wisdom will chart many journeys including:

  • the trials and tribulations of my own process of self-sufficiency
  • running a business in a rural and regional environment and
  • learnings from the work I am undertaking.


The story so far…..

It has been a busy couple of years with the move up north to the Byron Bay hinterland a couple of years ago from inner city Melbourne (Northcote). Some days it’s as busy as an inner city suburb with the possums running around the roof, the rats chasing macadamia nuts and the passing visits from pythons. How ever we have adjusted well and it all seems rather normal now.


Photo: Our resident koala popping in for a visit

The new off-the-grid solar power and reed bed sewerage system all working – we are just putting the final touches inside and we should be having this Christmas in the new house. We have been working hard on establishing extensive vegetable gardens and this has become easier with my parents also making the move up north. We are awaiting a plan for the garden to establish the orchards and best berry locations.

But as many of you will know, the work on a farm is never-ending as we try and work out where to place the free-range chickens and (possibly) alpacas or other animals; as well as the ongoing maintenance of the rainforest and creek bed. Not to mention remembering to stop and inhale the views, sounds and tastes of this beautiful part of the world.

Being in this environment does make it easier to pursue some of the more important business goals like being a zero-waste business, working collaboratively, engaging more with community and working with like-minded value driven companies. I will be sharing my challenges associated with trying to work through these goals – something that I recognise we all do in our working and personal lives. So don’t think the newsletter is going to be full of shiny and bright stories of success – I promise to include all the warts and all struggles associated with working and living a more sustainable existence.

I have also moved into the beautiful rural village of Clunes and taken the lease on The Clunes Old Schoolhouse where I have established The Big Orange Co-Working space for locals who want to alleviate the isolation of the home office. So please contact me if you are interested.


Photo:  Inside The Big Orange Coworkspace 

So I hope you enjoy the articles and please drop me a line if you would like to share a story of your own challenges.

Until 2016, have a great festive season and new year.

Tania Crosbie

[email protected]


  1. Kathryn Downie 4 years ago

    Keep up the great work Tan! Loving the news on your progress up north! Maybe you should take up writing as well…when you’re not busy of course!

  2. Megan 4 years ago


    Is this a newsletter than i can sign up to and receive whenever you publish it? if so i would love to be part of the journey… please!

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