What we do

How do you align revenue targets, profitability, reputation and risk with your personal and organisational values and community expectations?


The Crosbie Collective works with organisations to build better outcomes that are more robust and innovative, leading to more committed and loyal teams, stakeholders and clients. The range of services we offer includes research, engagement, strategic communications and training.




As members of the Australian Market and Social Research Society, The Crosbie Collective delivers full-service quantitative and qualitative research including surveys, focus groups, online panels, audits and interviews, specialising in:


Segmentation and product analysis

Supply chain and sustainability audits

Organisational reviews and process mapping

Industry and stakeholder insights

Benchmarking and assessments

Program evaluations and modelling

Staff satisfaction and culture reviews



Drawing on over 20 years experience in facilitation, brainstorming, tool development, independent analysis and relationship development, The Crosbie Collective also specialises in:


Community and stakeholder engagement

Complex facilitation specialising in contentious issues

Corporate, staff and stakeholder engagement

Citizens’ Jury

IAP2 public participation practices

Guidelines for developing and implementing plans

Staff training for those involved in engagement

Reports and plans


Strategic Communication

As experienced and qualified communicators and marketers, The Crosbie Collective develops brands, message, stories and reputations in the full suite of mediums from online, social, face-to-face to traditional print and electronic, specialising in: 


Internal and external communication campaigns

Integrating sustainability and CSR

Events development and implementation

Public relations

Campaign development and implementation

Design including web and social media

Coaching and mentoring

Specialists in sustainability and ‘green’ communication



The Crosbie Collective has experience and qualifications in the tertiary, corporate, VET and schools.  We are able to develop courses and curriculum, deliver face-to-face and online workshops and courses and customise content to meet corporate needs. Specialisations include:


Customised sustainability programs

Corporate webinars

Cultural change programs

Guest speaking

Role playing

Integrated programs

Leadership training and mentoring


For more detail on any of our services or to see how we can assist you, please contact [email protected] or +61 412 149624.



 The Crosbie Collective has experience delivering projects and working with Local, State and Federal Government agencies and departments as well as schools, VET and universities. We currently have long-term contracts with all levels of government.
We have experience in managing government contracts, budgets, reporting and project management.


With many of The Crosbie Collective gaining their experience through commercial organisations, many of our clients are corporates – ranging from SMEs to large public and private organisations. Coming from the property, manufacturing, materials, retail, utilities, tourism and hospitality, arts, agriculture and finance sectors.


With extensive experience delivering in this sector, we understand NFPs, their nuances and ideology-driven volunteers, staff and stakeholders. We also understand that sustainability is a values-fit with NFPs but with reduced capacities, it is often more difficult to integrate. We are experienced in working with registered charities, industry associations, member and community organisations – on the national and local level.



We look forward to working with you to future-proof your organisation

If you are ready to take the next step and work with an experienced partner – then contact us.

Clunes Old Schoolhouse
The Big Orange Co-Workspace
17 Walker Street
Clunes NSW 2480 Australia


 +61 412 149 624


 [email protected]


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