New Clients – ATO, Sanitarium, Byron Shire Council & the City of Melbourne

New Clients – ATO, Sanitarium, Byron Shire Council & the City of Melbourne

Photo: One of the many valleys discussed at the Byron Shire Council Rural Land Use Strategy engagement workshop 

So one of the great pieces of news this year was that the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has come on-board with an exciting sustainability engagement project. The ATO has set themselves aspirational environmental targets and the only way they can get there is with a strong staff and stakeholder engagement strategy and national implementation plan – so this is the first step and I am thrilled to be starting this journey with the ATO.  

I have always been a Weet Bix kid and this year I got to track the Weet Bix supply chain. This was such an exciting project and Sanitarium is such and a great and innovative company. From the Weet Bix project we have developed a process to document your supply chain that convert into a simple diagram that can be used to highlight best practice and areas requiring attention.  

The City of Melbourne has me busy with their investigation into the apartment sector in Melbourne, energy efficiency and Smart Blocks. We are wrapping up this study and we will know what needs to happen to improve the energy efficiency of our apartment stocks.

I have also delivered a community engagement workshop for the Byron Shire Council for their Byron Rural Land Use Strategy. It was fascinating to facilitate the day and document all the innovative ideas for farms and communities, tourism and the environment.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) have also just ‘spring cleaned’ the Sustainability Advantage program and introduced a member payment. This entitles companies to 30 hours of consultancy support, networking events and access to best-practice processes and research.   OEH are also championing the circular economy and this will be incorporated into many of the modules and projects in the future. Sustainability Advantage really is a brilliant and resilient program that (fortunately) has survived many state governments and is going from strength to strength. Tania is a Sustainability Advantage consultant and delivers in the staff engagement, sustainable supply chain and business planning modules.

As we screech towards the end of another ‘warmest’ year, I would like to thank all out existing clients, and look forward to meeting our new ones. And can I wish you all a festive Christmas season and sensational 2016.


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