Karen Jamal

Karen Jamal

Communications and Media Consultant

With twenty years’ experience in communications, Karen Jamal has a proven track record with both small and large organisations, federal and state governments, and across a broad cross-section of industries. Karen has a Master’s Degree in English Literature, and is passionate about words.

“I’ve always been interested in making ideas accessible, and I apply my writing skills to help organisations make their messages interesting and engaging”, Karen says.

Karen now manages media campaigns and communications projects for a diverse range of clients in industries from healthcare and human resources through to construction and life coaching. Projects include ghost writing books and articles for magazines, crafting speeches, and working closely with the media to build her clients’ profiles.

Just some of Karen’s current key projects include driving the Green Building Council of Australia’s communications for the past seven years – which includes managing media for the Green Cities conference and entrant publicity for the Australian of the Year Awards.

“I understand that a good piece of writing is worthless if it sits unread on your hard-drive. Over many years, I’ve built relationships with media and honed the skills required to ensure the work I do for my clients achieves results.”