Helen Leayr

Helen Leayr

Communications and Engagement

Helen Leayr is an extraordinary communicator and facilitator.  Her passion is to listen and understand. Helen masterly takes stakeholders through a process that ensures they have been heard and their views are correctly recorded and considered. Helen respects and values the opinions of all stakeholders from community organisations and representatives, to government or corporate stakeholders. Her strength is to deliver outcomes from controversial situations and to find common-ground between otherwise opposing parties.  

“I become an advocate for stakeholders and welcome opportunities to take community views and turn them into information that the client can understand and consider with a view to responding. I also provide advice on how clients can take that information and deliver a more mutually significant outcome for all stakeholders,” said Helen.  “My role is to drive outcomes that companies can do something about and achieve their goals in a supportive and engaging environment”.

Expertise includes strategic communications, community consultation, stakeholder engagement, media management, facilitation, corporate writing and corporate and community event management.

Some of Helen’s recent favourite projects include establishing a consumer reference capacity that will provide ongoing input and feedback to the ACT energy distribution network provider, ActewAGL; working across Australia with health professionals to provide feedback that will inform the development of a National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions; facilitating a national design competition for a visionary engineering installation at the National Arboretum Canberra; helping the community of Canberra provide input to the development of Canberra’s light rail network, Capital Metro.